MLC Strategic Multi-Asset Income Fund

Enhanced consistent return with reduced volatility

MLC Strategic Income Fund is a income portfolio with focus in quality and low volatility. The Fund seeks to generate stable, sustainable and risk-adjusted return by adopting a dynamic multi-asset allocation and long-short strategy.

  • Our portfolio is constructed by an optimized mix of global assets with low risk and return correlation. A tactical asset allocation is then overlayed to protect the fund from volatile markets without sacrificing the income generation.


  • With the primary objective of maximizing sustainable yield, the fund aims to distribute regular income to fund holders. The payout will primarily come from a portfolio of global high income bonds, high dividend yielding equities, and quality assets with strong balance sheet and reliable cash flow.


  • Fund holders enjoy an easy one-stop solution for alternative asset exposures as the portfolio invests in alternative assets with attractive risk-return profile, such as preferred securities, alternative property funds, mortgage-backed securities (MBS), pre-IPOs and various thematic ETFs.

Newfound MLC Property Fund

This is a real-estate-driven economy from top to bottom

Newfound MLC Property Fund invests into different real estate opportunities in US and Canada. The Fund seeks to gain outstanding long-term capital gains by investing into development projects, income property portfolio as well as various specifics alternative opportunities in real estate.

  • Our portfolio invests in private real estate opportunities brought by an extensive local partnership and expertise, bringing in a high level of excellence in specific property off-market deals.


  • Our real estate portfolio is structured by reputable legal and audit professionals. Our offshore investment structure enables investors to benefit from our seasoned experiences in overseas tax planning with minimum tax leakage.


  • Our offshore team of investment professionals have superior track record in real estate advisory and project management. Specific focus is dedicated to project research and due-diligence, formulating best exit strategy and timeline analysis.

Newfound MLC Yield Fund

Superior return over other asset classes
  • The fund aims to deliver consistently superior returns, with yields above most traditional investments.


  • The portfolio produces reliable cashflow from a diversified portfolio of mortgage investments, with low volatility.


  • Real estate returns are not driven by global capital markets and our positions are fully collateralized with low default rates