Services & Solutions

Investment Advisory Services

A wide range of bespoke investment solutions tailored to your personal needs

With our diverse advisory and asset management experiences, Mount Logan Capital helps you to act decisively on making all the important investment decisions on a broad range of assets and products. Through our custom-tailored Investment Advisory services, our clients receive regular update and market expertise that suit their investment objective and risk profile.

Discretionary Portfolio Services

Delegate the investment decisions to the experts and professionals

In an increasingly complex and volatile market, our experienced portfolio managers directly manage on our clients’ accounts and portfolios under a direct discretionary management agreement. The portfolio delegation allows our clients to focus on other important things in life while Mount Logan Capital handles the investment decisions.

Family Office Solution and Offshore Consultation

One-stop solution to your financial and overseas family planning.

Mount Logan Capital provides a comprehensive family office platform for family officers and clients to face the ever-changing financial policies and innovative investment strategies. With our US and Canada professional partners, we also provide one-stop solutions for clients individuals, families and their business needs, such as account opening, tax planning, company structure setup, immigration overseas studies arrangement.